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We are always happy to see initiative people who are willing to help us. As all great life-affirming endeavors in this world are run by such people, activists with a big heart. We assume it will be interesting for you to cooperate with our team as there are no strict instructions ‘from the top’, it is only an unlimited space for your own initiative and creativity instead. So, let’s start...

As GEN Ukraine is a part of a greater world network of eco-communities, we are open to this multicultural world, where people speak different languages and like to visit each other. This is why our website has to be international too. We translated the static sections of our website into English, a language understood by the majority. However, such sections as Events and Blog are updated permanently and in case you would like to stay tuned and translate the posts into English, we would be very grateful to you. Also new ecovillages keep joining our network and we need the information about them to be translated into English too, for international guests and volunteers to get to know about them and contact them. 

Maybe you are good at other languages except English? It would be nice to have our website translated into French, Spanish, Chinese, and more. 

So, if you are passionate about translation or would like to enhance your translation skills, please feel free to contact us. We will find something interesting for you...)

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