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Ukraine is a godsent and flourishing country with fertile land, authentic culture and sincere people. Now in Ukraine the communities aiming for environmental and healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature are on the rise. Those include the ecovillages that unite traditional farming and innovations, settlements of ancestral estates as well as individual ancestral estates which emphasize on special meaning of space of love, seeking for self-sufficiency, and prefer traditional lifestyle, and also art-cottages... 
There are dozens of transition initiatives in Ukraine for such ideas as zero waste, waste sorting, recycling and circular economy, mobility.
What they all have in common is their conscious or sometimes not so conscious following the concept of sustainable development…

The Future
Of Our Children
And Ukraine

We find, inspire and unite all those people to gather them in a joint environmental movement, help them start their own environmental projects, companies, and initiatives. Also, we arrange and take part in environmental education events on a wide range of subjects:

- climate change

- circular economy

- clean energy and effective buildings

- ecovillages and sustainable communities

- biodiversity and ecosystems conservation

Join our community, follow our updates, and discover the new opportunities to make this world a better place!


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